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  • Prices of Femkes Rooftop tents in one glance

    Buy or rent, both have their pro's and con's

    Think about it for a sec, whether you go scuba diving, surfing, hiking ........... cycling or even a city trip

    To buy

    All amounts mentioned include VAT

    2018 Roof tent MILES: € 1,749

    2018 Roof tent HOPPER € 1.699

    2019 Roof tent MILES: € 1,899

    2019 Roof tent HOPPER € 1,849

    TEN CATE roofentent Miles: € 2,299

    TEN CATE roof tent Hopper: € 2,249

    Xtra long flexible pole for awning Hopper € 27.50 per set Extension ladder € 49.95

    Skadu (awning) with four poles € 99.95 or € 74.95 **

    Skadu can also be delivered with tendon cord, for € 27.50 additional costs and on order

    Kajto (awning) € 129.95 incl. tendon cord

    Kajto caravan rail € 27.50 per piece incl. material costs and assembly in our warehouse

    Anvil (stove) € 158.00

    Fatwood 12.50

    Tendon cord, per meter, € 2.90 in black with double flag

    3D Mesh ventilation mattress € 88.95 based on 120x210 cm NASA memory foam mattress € 149.99 covered by terry cloth, 3.5 cm thick ,117x200 cm fits exactly on the current mattress


    Mounting of the rooftop tent, for a smile, we will help you. However, when the mounting tends to lasts longer than one hour, we will charge an extra fee of € 40, - per hour. These possible costs are settled with the deposit. For an average passenger car we always stay within an hour, so 'no worries'.


    ** 25% discount applies to the purchase of a Skadu or in combination with rooftop tent rental


    See also the Terms and Conditions opjeautoslapen.nl below.

    The tent is equipped with mosquito netting, a 7 cm thick mattress and the ladder.

    Under the mattress you can put an anti-humidity mat or a Froli bed system for extra comfort and the preservation of your mattress. All of these mentioned above can be ordered separately.

    If you want to sleep like a Princess on a pea (Dutch fairytale) order a NASA memory foam 3.5 thick mattress with us.

    For those who aspire to shadow, we have a KAJTO awning that can be attached to the roof of the tent with a tendon string € 129.95 This might implement that you need to mount a Caravan rail to your vehicle or rtt. Rail and and assembly €45 

    Or check out the SKADU! This canopy costs € 99.95 incl. 4 poles. Unless you buy a rooftop tent or rent a rtt.

    In that case we give you a 25% discount on the SKADU € 74.95


    If you want to mount the SKADU to your caravan, we can provide the awning with a black tendon string!

    Do you have questions? Call me.


    By the way, we have a few Miles and Hopper rooftop tents for sale from € 1299, - These have been rented out in 2018 but still in excellent condition. Ask for the conditions.


    To rent


    Weekend (3 nights) € 125.00

    Extra nights (max 3) € 15.00

    Week (7 nights) € 150.00

    Extra week € 100.00

    Bed linen € 25.00 (only when renting a rooftop tent)

    Froli bed system € 25.00 (only when renting a rooftop tent) 

    Extra nights (up to 6) € 15.00


    Deposit is € 500 per rental period. In addition, take out your own risk insurance at € 500 per rental period.

    Do not forget that you have a rooftop tent on your car if you drive under a low tunnel or want to park in a garage. Don't laugh, this might sound dull but you will not be the first!


    If you break down on your travels or hand in the rooftop tent later than planned we will have to charge you for the extra nights.

    We can make an invoice for this which you, possibly, can submit to your travel/holiday insurance. The advantages of a situation like this is that you can still sleep well in your own bed;-)


    Please note!!!

    Your reservation only becomes a booking after we have received 50% of the rent and deposit.

    The remainder of the payment must be paid before you collect the rooftop tent.

    Do not forget… The fine print, not nice, but important .......


    Rental objects, including bed linen and / or rented roof racks from third parties, are not insured via opjeautoslapen.nl, but fall under the own insurance (home contents, travel and / or car insurance) of the tenant.

    This also applies to damage to objects of the tenant or third parties caused by the use of rented object (s).

    Reservations or ordering can be done via an e-mail on the contact page.

    Mounting of the rooftop tent, for a smile, we will help you. However, when the mounting tends to lasts longer than one hour, we will charge an extra fee of € 40, - per hour. These possible costs are settled with the deposit. For an average passenger car we always stay within an hour, so 'no worries' 


    We suggest to buy a SKADU awning for extra 'living room' comfort next to or behind your car.

    We do not rent out the SKADUS but we will make a financial gesture.

    This canopy costs € 99.95 including 4 poles. But if you rent a rooftop tent we give you 25% discount and the SKADU costs

    € 74.95

    The awning is then yours and can join you on you next adventures.


  • Buy or rent, the balance needs to be made

    Think about it, both have their advantages and yes, disadvantages

    To by

    Your own bed, all yours!

    Price tents 2018, all including VAT: 

    HOPPER € 1699

    MILES € 1749 (above you see the MILES) 


    Price tents 2019:

    HOPPER € 1849

    MILES € 1899


    Our Ten Cate OutdoorFabrics limited edition:

    HOPPER € 2249

    MILES € 2299


    All rooftop tents are equipped with mosquito netting, mattress and ladder.

    Under the mattress is, separately to order, an anti-humidity mat.

    For those who prefer shadow, I have the KAJTO awning at € 129.95.

    You can attach this huge awning to the roof of the tent by means of a tendon cord and caravan rail at € 27.50 each.

    Or check out the SKADU awning at € 99.95 incl. four poles.

    This way you always have a dry shelter or you can sit in the shade.

    If required and on request we can add a tendon cord at € 27.50 additional costs. This way you can connect the SKADU to your rooftop tent, caravan or camper van too.

    Well, buying a rtt is of course the luxury option. It enables you to go out with your own rooftop tent as soon as the sun breaks through.

    Off you go!


    Please note:

    For a few of us the comfort of the basic mattress of 7 cm is sufficient.

    For some of us it is just a bit too hard or thin.

    We therefore provide a basic mattress and leave it up to you to replace it if necessary by a mattress of your own choice.

    Or, we can help you make an adjustment. For example you can consider buying a 3.5 cm thick memory foam mattress. Who knows, if you still have some inflatable mattresses hanging around, put them under your mattress for example.


    (** if you can't store your rtt, we can investigate whether we can store the rooftop tent for you during the Winter, everything is negotiable)

    If you still have some questions or queries after reading this, feel free to call us or send us an email. Any time.

    To rent

    And sometimes you need to share


    € 150 per week excluding roof racks and bedding

    € 125 for 3 nights (above you see the HOPPER).


    We can arrange bed linen for you for a small fee if required.

    In that case you step into a made-up bed, how convenient is that?

    Mounting: we help ;-)


    Deposit is € 500 per rental period. In addition, take out your own risk insurance at € 500 per rental period.


    Please note!

    Your reservation only becomes a booking after we have received 50% of the rent and deposit. 


    Don't you have the space to store a rtt but you are a very enthusiastic camper who needs to break free for the weekend, feel free to reach out to us for rental options .

    You arrange the cross bars on your car, we help you mount the rtt to your roof and off you go!

    Who knows, you might get the same bug we have and want to break free more often. In that case, if you consider buying the roof tent after the rental period, please let us know and we will negotiate a nice price with you.



    Consider the use of a canopy / awning ;-) and read the information about the basic mattress.

    And, it sounds funny, but keep in mind that your car + rooftop tent is considerably higher and therefore needs extra attention when entering garages or tunnels !!

    We do not rent out SKADU awnings but when buying one in combination with the rental or purchase of a rooftop tent,

    we offer a 25% discount on the purchase price, in this case the SKADU costs € 74.95

    Cheerful colors

    A black hard shell with fun colors fabric

    Since June 2017 I supply the black ABS tents in two types and four colors; the MILES and the HOPPER.

    From 2019 we also produce a limited edition Anthracite Gray TEN CATE fabric, very sexy and wonderfully dark when you sleep

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All repairs, other than zippers or stitching repairs, will be looked after by the owners of opjeautoslapen.nl or RRTCamping. The owners are capable of doing everything from assessing the issue to solving the problem within their power.

The date of purchase is considered as the first date of a warranty claim. This same date of purchase determines the 2 year guarantee on our products, excluding zippers and stitching of our products.
All sales are final. Unit replacement is not possible due to change of color or product model indesicion.

By renting a rooftop tent from opjeautoslapen.nl or RTTcamping an obligatory deductible excess applies for all rental tents,  of 500 euros, no matter the rental period. This is in addition to the agreed deposit of 400 euro as stated in the reservation agreement
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