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    Anti-Theft kit for M8 or M10

    A hand full of ideas

    As an extra service we offer our customers an optional anti-theft kit for A VARIETY of rooftop tents.

    Most rooftop tents are mounted to a roof carrier, crossbars or roof rack with M8 bolts and nuts.

    In general this is easily fixed by using standard spanners.


    As a rooftop tents are a valuable asset on top of your car, for any period of time or even whilst travelling, we looked for a system which will make unauthorized dismantling less attractive and harder to do without the right tools.


    The Anti-Theft kit consists of 4 lock nuts with a matching adaptor and 4 spring washers. With 1 kit you can securely fit 2 of the 4 mounting points on your care with the lock nuts. Disassembling is only possible with the right adaptor for your kit. So don't lose it!

    Price: € 49 INCL. VAT for M8 / € 59 INCL. VAT for M10
    Anti-theft nuts: M8 or M10 (stainless steel 304)
    Spring washer: M8 or M10 (stainless steel 304)
    Adaptor: M8 or M10 (Steel Galvanized)
    Packed in box: 6cm x 6cm x 6cm (lxwxh)
    Weight: 85 grs
    Warranty: 1 year


    Cross bars, the most essential of all

    No bars no rooftop tent no adventures

    Roof racks:

    Mounting our rooftop tent is easy but depends on your roof rack (cross bars or carriers).

    They are of great importance, without the right cross bars the rooftop tent can not be fitted.

    Roof carriers/cross bars come in many shapes and sizes, but we prefer the roof bars of the Thule brand; Swedish solidity and a trusted brand for us.

    You can buy or rent the cross bars yourself from your own dealer.


    If you want to do some research yourself, please check the website https://www.thule.com/en-nl/nl/roof-rack/car-racks?q=hjVizDXjw

    Here you can find within a few minutes which system you need for your (smaller) car.


    Please note that the distance from the roof of the car to the top of the crossbars is at least 8 cm. We need to be able to put our hands in between the roof and the rooftop tent safely to install the rooftop tent.

    The roof racks must also be about 70 cm apart, but also no further than 140 cm. If in doubt, please contact us well in advance.

    Certainly if you use carriers from the car manufacturer it is useful to pass on this information to us.

    We can then follow up and check if there is enough mounting space between the roof of your car and the bottom of the rooftop tent or if the width of the carriers is not too wide, the bolts are long enough to fit the tent etc etc.

    Please note that we charge € 40,- per hour when mounting takes more than the 45 min. we normally use when helping you for the first time.



    A hand full of ideas

    • When travelling we recommend  to occasionally tighten the  bolts, hand-tight, during a gas-stop for example
    • Make sure you park your car, overnight,  on a flat piece of land ;-) 
    • Ventilate well, even at night
    • A crack in your window or door is recommended, even  in cooler weather to make sure you have some ventilation
    • Unfortunately you can not escape condensation, it is still a tent!
    • Cold when leaving a window open? No, this can be solved by a very good sleeping bag
    • Ventilate your mattress occasionally if you make multi-day trips, this promotes longevity
    • Put a fleece blanket or something similar along your hips, against the mosquito netting, this way you can leave the door open at night, even if it is cooler. When you wake up can see the sun rise;-) 
    • If you often camp by yourself or place the rooftop tent on a very high bus /car, we recommend the HOPPER 
    • Simply because it is easier to close by yourself without any help
    • Consider the use of a canopy/awning, this gives you more privacy but also more 'living room' comfort  next to or behind the car 
    • Take a look at the SKADU, for example
    • In order to escape the noice of fabric flapping around  with a lot of wind, mount the diagonal elastics between the doors, the rooftop tent is tighter this way and you can sleep without this noice
    • Always keep the cover of the ladder dry in your car, this way it can be placed in the rooftop tent despite a dirty wet ladder when you set off
    •  Do not forget to store the elastics properly and consistently in one of the compartments by your head, this way you don't loose them
    • Bring a small lamp or light with a hook so you can hang this in the tent on an available hook
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