• Luifels, kacheltje en overige accessoires


    To make traveling with one of my roof tents even more pleasant, I offer these extras: the SKADU - a canopy (which is more than an awning) the KAJTO - an awning as big as a kite with tendon cord, hooks / eyes and clip closure, see for yourself how to fix the canopy the most convenient the ANVIL - our little brave wood stoves for on the terrace or at the campsite, possibly with a bunch of Fat Wood the NO-AX - designed in NL, the safest way to split wood into production wood the 3D mesh ventilation option, for a longer lifespan of your mattress a NASA memory foam mattress of 3.5 cm thick, for the princess on the pea among us

    De multi-functionele grijs/blauwe SKADU

    Super handig, als verlengstuk van de auto maar de SKADU kan ook

    los op z'n pootjes staan.

    This super handy awning, I call it SKADU, is multi-functional. He can extend the car, as it were, but can also stand alone on his own legs. Obliquely against the wind or as a roof for more shade or against the rain. The SKADU canopy costs € 99.95 including four poles. So you are always dry or in the shade ;-) We can possibly provide the SKADU with a tendon cord on the 'straight' side of the awning, costs are € 27.50 and on order. The SKADU awning is 3.4 m long and 2.4 m wide on the wide side and tapered to approx. 1.9 m on the narrow side. Complicated? Below are some pictures of the applications. Online, via this website to order under Contact. TIP: if you buy or rent a roof tent from us, we offer the SKADU awning with a 25% discount. Price of the SKADU is € 74.95 incl. VAT.


    De KAJTO, een reuze vlieger als het ware, kan aan beide kanten van een Miles ..... of aan een caravan of camper gemonteerd worden

    Hoog en droog de daktent in? Veel schaduw of droog koken?

    Dan is dit 'm!

    This large awning only fits the MILES, and can be mounted on one of the sides of the roof tent by means of a tendon cord. Then you immediately have a shadow surface of no less than 3.5 m. X 2.75 m. With your own telescopic poles you can place the awning as high as you want it yourself. The KAJTO awning costs € 129.95 incl. VAT. We then assemble a tendon rail / camperrail at € 45.00 on the lid of the tent for you. Because the awning, apart from the tendon cord, also has two rings and clips, the KAJTO can also be attached to a cage construction, or used as a tarp. Again very practical.

    Nasa oplegmatras van traagschuim

    Ben jij de prinses op de erwt?

    Last autumn we started selling mattress pads of 3.5 cm thick memory foam, with a detachable cover. You can choose between a soft terry cloth or a very sturdy (and yet soft) double-cloth ticking. This can be just a bit more against a knock. We stock the mattress on size 117x200 cm from € 149.90. This size fits exactly in our two roof tents and of course offers extra comfort for eg long journeys. Interested in a different format, email us and we will see if and what we can arrange with our supplier.

    Ventilatie en dus comfort met 3D-Mesh

    Het verlengde ouderdoms-plan voor je matras

    Ventilation is the most important thing when you camp. That is why we offer a 3D mesh layer for under your mattress. Logically right? This 3D mesh is 1.5 cm thick and can stay under your mattress permanently. Which does not mean that sometimes you can also see and smell the mattress in the open air. The 3D mesh fits exactly in the roof tent and ensures that the mattress is stable. For € 88.95 your mattress will last for many years.


    Ons kleine dappere kacheltje, ANVIL

    Voor op de camping of je terras, gegarandeerd warm

    Anvil kan na gebruik gedemonteerd worden tot z'n eigen koffertje.

    Het kacheltje kost € 158,00 en kan bij ons besteld worden, stuur gewoon even een mailtje, dan nemen wij contact met je op

    • Material: steel plate black Complete with all parts Exclusive transit set (by tent cloth) Width: 25 cm excl. Handle of 5.5 cm Width of heat plate: 15 cm, can be mounted separately Depth: 50 cm Height: top of heat plate 49 cm Weight: 13 kg Length of fold-in feet: 30 cm Length pipe: 4x piece of pipe of 40 cm (can be stored in a stove) Diameter pipe: 70 mm Door opening: 14x11 cm Fuel: wood or coal Capacity: approx. 2.3 kW

    NO-AXE, veilig en snel aanmaak-houtjes klieven

    Houthakken zonder bijl


    Without an ax, you can split wood very quickly and safely with NO-AXE. Put a thicker block of wood on the NO-AXE and give it a big bang with the rubber mallet. And voila, the wood splits and you have two pieces, so go ahead and before you know it you have a whole pile of nice little wood to light the Anvil. For € 112.50 you never have to buy more wood at the petrol pump ;-)


    De SKADU luifel opzetten

    Het appeltje-eitje stappen plan​

    Step 1: take the canopy and sticks out of the bag Step 2: unfold the awning and assemble the 3 flexible poles (lace with brackets is the outside) Step 3: tie a loop in the middle of the awning, inside and outside side Step 4: Insert the short flexible stick across the inner side through the loop and also into the envelopes Step 5: place the two long flexible sticks through the loop, diagonally over the tent and confirm by means of the loop. the hooks on the outside Step 6: turn the tent back into the convex shape, place the tent behind the car or on the separately supplied sticks
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