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    TenCate rooftoptents and our Khosi in February 2019

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    A (bed)room with a view














  • Has the thought of sleeping on top of your car ever crossed your mind? Well, in that case, consider this:

    just put your pillow and blanket in the rooftop tent and off you go.

    Let the adventure begin.


    And yes of course, this tent fits on every car with crossbars, really!

    On the Facts, Tips & Tricks page, I'll explain exactly what extra weight

    your car can handle.


    The birds are singing, the sun is shining, the wind is blowing gently

    through the tent,

    your mind wanders off to ..................... life outdoors, cycling or hiking.


    Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Femke, a Dutch fan of the outdoors and traveler in heart and soul. Femke's smart rooftop tents are super easy tents for people who want to explore beautiful places quickly, easily and comfortably with any passenger car, large but also small.

    For the time being I offer two types of tents, the MILES and the HOPPER.

    My husband (my partner in crime ) and I developed these rooftop tents together with the manufacturers based on our- and their experiences and those of the users. If this appeals to you and you want to find out more, please continue reading.

    Eager to order a rooftop tent or - if you don't have enough storage space - rent one for a super fun holiday?

    Contact us, we have many more ideas to share. For example, share a rooftop tent with your neighbours, family or friends. How cool would that be?



    How it all started, where we are now in 2018 and the developments for 2019

    It all started with a camping holiday in Croatia, on my favorite island of Hvar in 2012. The four of us, in a rather large tent, on the ground. (Tim my husband and 2 sons, Daneel and Kamiel)

    Our neighbours, in the next empty spot, had a large suitcase on the roof of their Ford Ka which was, with the blink of an eye, converted into a true two-person bed. And that within a few seconds!

    The chairs and the table came out of the back of the car and they were ready. Cheers!

    The next morning, when I wanted to ask if I could have a look in their tent, they were already gone. Gone, before I had the chance to blink an other eye. On their way to a new adventure.


    In the meantime it is 2019 and we are still working on the improvements of our rooftop tents for the coming year. Just from the kitchen table at our home in Amsterdam.

    In recent years we have been busy developing the perfect weather resistant rooftop tents for our, sometimes, humid weather. The improvements we make are based on our own experience by camping a lot ourselves in all kinds of weather. We also listening closely to the stories of our tenants. Combining all of this information creates a big challenge to follow up on. Bring it on, we are up for it!


    The tents

    Every year a small adjustment, albeit to the zippers, the canopies or awnings, the fabric or closures. All the improvements help to realize the perfect rooftop tent.

    For 2019 we have received the green light from TEN CATE Outdoor Fabrics who allow us to make tents from TEN CATE water resistant fabric and their approval to wear their label.


    This means we are very busy, drawing, producing, checking them in the factory twice to three-times a year while the the rooftop tents are in the making, very exciting ;-)

    We set the bar high, our aim is to develop the best waterproof rooftop tent in Northern Europe in 2019!


    For the time being, we have opted to limit ourselves to two types of rtt's (rooftop tents) in one size, also suitable for the smaller passenger car.

    After extensive research and testing a third type will most likely be added in 2019. Fingers crossed here.


    I imported the first rooftop tent from China in 2014. I personally thoroughly tested this item with Tim, my husband, and children during short holidays. Some friends have also been 'on the roof', with different sized cars. I discussed all comments and suggestions with the producer. Improvements were made: the quality of the zippers, the ventilation in the tent (open and closed) is adjusted, the mosquito net is made of a finer quality netting, there are other closures and so many other small things have been adapted and improved. All very practical matters that increase comfort and quality and thereby contribute to a carefree holiday. As this is what camping is all about.


    Convenience & speed at a glance:

    · You mount the tent easily and quickly on your car and you are ready to travel, not in your car but on your car!

    · You do not really need 4WD, the roof tent also fits well on small cars, provided that cross bars fit on it.

    · You make your bed once and of you go! No need to make your bed every night, just straighten your sleeping bag or blanket (unless you want to wash it or air it, of course). This way your bed is ready for new dreams every night.

    · You do not have to set up a tent, FEMKES rooftop tents are ready-to-sleep within one minute (without power or much effort).

    · You end up with more space in your car, so you can bring more other stuff for cooking, sports, games, etc.

    · No moisture, no chill from the ground and no scary animals to lie on (beetles, snakes, spiders).

    Freedom and Philosophy

    Breathe in, exhale, breathe in, breathe out .................. wonderfully fresh air!

    The camping neighbors made me think: the feeling of ultimate freedom. So simple and so fast, just park your car somewhere for a comfortable night of sleep in your own bed, a 'penthouse' on your car.

    I wanted to do something with this idea.

    Once at home the search began and it soon became clear to me that more people had discovered this way of traveling already. Recently it has become a well know way of travelling amongst our outdoor happy friends and, by the looks of it, many more will follow.


    There are a lot of camping lovers who are increasingly getting more and more interested in 'the outdoors' and that way of life. The realisation of freedom!

    I would love to help these people 'get up on the roof' to actually experience this sense of freedom. Imagine the view if you wake up in the morning ;-)



    It is my ambition to be able to supply a roof tent that is 100% sustainable. That is not yet feasible at this moment. It requires a lot more necessary research in the near future. But for now the first step has been made: the 'shell' of the tents is made of ABS.

    This material, unlike polyester /fiberglass, is 100% recyclable.

    Next on the list is looking for canvas which uses as little chemicals as possible to impregnate the cloth, etc.

    Of course, keeping in mind that we do not get wet right away by a shower of rain in case the balance of the impregnate is not correct. A challenge, by the way.


    Right now, I try to keep our overhead costs small and simple. I simply rent a few m2 for storage, I make sure there is water for a cup of coffee. So don't expect a sexy showroom but more of a workshop when you visit. A place were we, together with other camping enthusiasts, dream about beautiful new destinations and travel stories, exchange photos or experiences ... who would not want that?

    A wood stove, the ANVIL, keeps us warm during assembly in the spring, when the real adventurers take off with a rooftop tent from Femke.


    Freedom & view!

    · You wake up and immediately look over the lake, through the woods and over the fields - a visibly elevated view, not that low-to-the-ground stuff of looking at some boots parked outside the tent

    · You are traveling lean & mean, picking up & leaving is not a hassle so you feel a lot more free to discover new gems

    · You can just stop and go to sleep any time, at least: at places you can camp freely (in France along the roads, in Scandinavia everywhere - just to give you an idea).

    · You have a lot more space on normal camping pitches and campsites: your tent is on your car - that saves space around your spot and you can keep your neighbours at bay


    Strong & smart

    · You really get top-gear: good and solid stuff, well made, to my own taste and well-being.

    · The rooftop tents are strong and cleverly put together with handy gadgets & extras, such as ventilation grilles and a sturdy ladder.

    The MILES or the HOPPER At a glance, this is what you get 'on your roof'.

    Especially, that freedom!

    The two tents we currently sell or rent out are called MILES and HOPPER.

    In 2019 the KHOSI will most likely be added here. We will first thoroughly test and demonstrate this at the Vakantiebeurs 2019 to gauge the reactions. Exciting;-)

    • The MILES is rectangular in shape, with two entrances with a small awning on both sides and two windows at the head and foot end
    • The HOPPER is a triangular tent, with one large window and two entrances with a small awning on both sides
    • The Khosi has an almost square shell but flips out to one side, which makes the sleeping surface bigger but the package on your roof smaller!

    All tents are equipped with mosquito netting, mattress, fixed awnings, a mounting kit and a ladder that can be extended if desired. Under the mattress fits, separately to order, an anti-humidity mat (3D mesh) or a Froli bed system.

    For the princesses amongst us, a memory foam mattress of 3.5 cm thick can be placed on the mattress for even more comfort.

    The MILES and the HOPPER are both for sale and for rent. If you don't have space to store the rooftop tent, renting is the easiest option. Also an ideal option if you want to go away for a (test) weekend or short trip.


    But if you do have a large garage or other storage space, I would definitely recommend you to buy one.

    Break free with your own rooftop tent at any time that the sun breaks through and you want to go! You'll be surprised how often you will use the rtt once it is installed on your roof.


    The MILES opens up by four gas springs and the HOPPER by two gas springs and has two hinges on the short side of the hard shell. Advantages or disadvantages? Not really, it is a personal choice.


    One thing though, the HOPPER lends itself perfectly for very high cars or vans because this rooftop tent only needs to be closed from one side. The Khosi, well, come to the Vakantiebeurs, Tim and I will explain the advantages of this rtt in detail for you.


    Am I the only one?

    No, of course not!


    No definitely not.

    But Tim and I are the only one who develops the tents ourselves on the basis of experience with new and better materials.

    Of course there are competitors on the market such as Maggiolina, Airtop and many others, just look around on the internet and compare. Of course I hope you choose one of Femkes RooftopTents from opjeautoslapen.nl

    Based on the personal approach, the good service and the pleasant price.

    In addition, we take your suggestions into account when further developing this long-standing concept. Slowly but steadily, as we produce, sell or rent out more, we regularly request feedback from buyers and tenants.

    We take this feedback seriously and it help us to further develop our own rooftop tents.

    What we hear most is 'it is so wonderfully simple, no complicated or luxurious frills'. Exactly!

    That is also what we want to deliver. A simple yet comfortable tent, for every outdoor enthusiast. And that also fits smaller people's cars too!

    Perhaps it is just as handy to explain that there are more softshell tents on the market than hardshell tents. There is also a considerable price difference here. A softshell is a tent made entirely of fabric, usually a square package on your roof that can be folded out, opening up next to the car.

    A hardshell can only go up and is form-fixed, provided with a hard 'shell' that opens and closes by means of gas springs. Hardshells are somewhat smaller in terms of sleeping surface (in our case) but on the other hand faster to dry after the rain and considerably faster in terms of packing up and leaving your campsite.


    Loving advice & service

    · I have really immersed myself in every detail, if you have any suggestions or ideas, let me know

    · It's all about the love for camping: if we share it, then we are friends forever!

    · And, do not forget to make a reservation for Summer 2019, planning is half the fun to start with. Cheers to that ;-)


  • Last week we introduced our new baby, Khosi

    But before we start taking orders, we want to test this small but big rooftop tent ourselves, in wind and rain

    We need to work on some better pictures, or are you the first to do this for us?

    It looks so big, but in reality it is a small tent. Eh, or is it the other way around?

    As soon as we are 300% happy with the Khosi, we will add this tent to our 'family' of tents

    Interested, ready to order or if you have any questions, please send us an email.

  • Photos & Videos

    Take a look and enjoy the view

    Sky High in the Picos

    The best views are from the top

    Bird's eye view

    The best views are from the top

    Anglers, fishermen or flyfishers, we don't get them but they sure do share a passion!

    And that passion, we get, totally!

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